Elementary, CBS

So what do we all think of the new CBS TV show about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Elementary? Following in the shadow of the wonderful BBC show, Sherlock, it’s quite a letdown, I think. I have nothing against Watson being a woman, but I detected no chemistry between Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller, despite the fact that CBS is clearly setting up a love-hate relationship between the two. And I miss the tongue-in-cheek references to the original canon that appear in the BBC show.

Also, how lame is the premise of the good doctor being assigned to watch the recovering Holmes in rehab? A similar premise from a great ’70s movie called They Might Be Giants had Dr. Watson as a contemporary psychiatrist trying to treat a widower convinced he is the great detective.

Any Holmes on TV is better than no Holmes on TV, so I am willing to give this show a second chance. Sometimes it takes a little while for a show to come into its own.

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