Controversy in new review of My Dear Watson!

OK, the other shoe finally dropped. I finally got the review I feared I might get from a dedicated Sherlockian–with critiques about canonical inconsistencies in My Dear Watson. The Well-Read Sherlockian is a well-respected blog in the world of Holmes and Watson fans, and I’m pleased to rate a review there, though.

Actually, the review is quite good, as far as the story and writing are concerned. In fact, it earned 4 out of 5 stars, discounting any non-canonical issues. So I’m more than pleased.

As is often said, all press is good press. Just spell my name right!  😉

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3 Responses to Controversy in new review of My Dear Watson!

  1. Resa Haile says:

    I actually won a copy of your book as first commenter on The Well-Read Sherlockian. I have been wanting to read it, so I am quite excited.

    • marparbri says:

      I saw your comment on the blog, and I hope you enjoy the book! Excited to know it’s awarded as a prize. And btw, good catch about Mary Wollstonecraft as author of “Vindication.” I got that right in the book, so it must just have been the reviewer’s error!

  2. Theda says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed “My Dear Watson”. Refreshing change from the typical writing style of Holmes stories, and an interesting plot to boot. Hoping there are more in the works, perhaps?

    p.s. I enjoyed your panel at Crime Bake – especially your comment about the challenges that a woman faces in being heard that a man doesn’t. So true, then and now.

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