Children’s Book Week

It’s Children’s Book Week this week–May 13-19. What are your favorite children’s books? Most people have at least one favorite that they’ll never forget and that perhaps changed their life. Some of mine include Where the Wild Things Are; Hailstones and Halibut Bones; The Phantom Tollbooth; Harriet the Spy; the Madeline books; and Throw a Kiss, Harry! I have memories of my father reading me The Wind in the Willows, The Hobbit, and the original Oz books. When I had …

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It’s National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, starting today, November 1. Write a whole novel in one month! Who’s committing to it this year? Myself, I’m not ready to do that this year, but many people do.  Instead, I’m picking up an old, discarded manuscript and committing to finishing it. Progress reports to follow!

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Crime Bake!

I’m looking forward to participating as a panelist in this year’s Crime Bake Conference! It runs Fri-Sun, November 9-11, 2012, at the Dedham Hilton in Dedham, Massachusetts. I’ve never been a panelist before, so I’m thrilled. And the topic is one that’s close to my heart and to the plot of My Dear Watson. My particular panel is on Saturday morning at 10 a.m., and we are discussing “Who Says Women Are the Weaker Sex?: Writing strong, smart female characters who defy the …

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Reading at my local library a success!

I was very pleased to see a great turnout for my reading at my hometown library last Thursday evening, April 5, as part of the “Littleton Reads!” program. I discussed and read from my Sherlock Holmes novel, My Dear Watson, then answered some very intriguing and insightful questions from the audience. What encouraging support from my community! I even sold about 15 books afterward, including some of my other publications–children’s picture books. Treats afterward rounded out the evening to be …

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The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate

Holmes aficionado Ross K. Foad interviews publisher Steve Emecz on the subject of the international Great Sherlock Holmes Debate–the upcoming one on March 18. Parts 1 and 2 of the interview have already appeared; part 3 to come, during which I’ve been told my novel, My Dear Watson, will be mentioned, presumably along with other MX Publishing Holmes books. If you haven’t yet seen Ross’s site, No Place Like Holmes, give it a try. He plays Holmes in some very …

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Hoping to attend a dinner for Holmes devotees in Boston at the Algonquin Club of Boston on March 22. The evening will feature a commentary on the world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic investigator and his loyal chronicler, John H. Watson, M.D., followed by a screening of Silver Blaze, the film with Jeremy Brett.

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Reading at Shaker Lane Elementary School

I read my picture books to the wonderful preschool children at Shaker Lane School in Littleton, MA, this morning. So cute! It’s the only audience who sometimes gives an author a hug following a reading. The laughter became a roar after a while–a very good sign! Questions/comments today? “Umm, that was funny”; “I like elephants!”; “My mom taught me to read a book.” I love it.

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Edgar Award nominees

Glad to see two Sherlock Holmes plays nominated this year for an Edgar Award–and a biography of Arthur Conan Doyle. Also, my friend Hallie Ephron was nominated for a Mary Higgins Clark Award for her novel, Come and Get Me.

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