Writing Backwards

Below is an article I wrote, published in “The Third Degree,” the official newsletter of the Mystery Writers of America. It’s about my experience entering my novel, My Dear Watson, in an international mystery novel competition in 1992. It was written in English and translated into Japanese, but it wasn’t until 2011 that it was at last published in English! I am a published author. After entering a mystery fiction competition, I received prize money and advance royalties for 25,000 copies of my first novel. However, no …

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Nice review from the Sherlock Holmes Society of London

So pleased to get this kind review from the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, about My Dear Watson.

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Reuben Hoar Library

Thursday, April 5, at 7pm: I am reading and signing my new Sherlock Holmes novel, My Dear Watson, at the Littleton town library. This is part of Littleton Reads! Hope to see you there!

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My Dear Watson

The greatest mystery surrounding Sherlock Holmes comes to light–was he actually a woman? The master–or rather, mistress–of disguise finally puts pen to paper to reveal this decades-long deception and, in so doing, discovers another fact she kept secret even from herself. The complex mind of the brilliant consulting detective is finally opened to the public, in the chronicle of a new case never recorded by Dr. Watson and featuring Constance Moriarty, the beguiling daughter of Holmes infamous nemesis. Paperback: 234 …

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