BuyaPowa discount book buying

From my London publisher, see below–a “discount daily deal” way of buying your favorite books!

Dear all MX Authors,

I am delighted to announce that the world’s leading co-buying platform, BuyaPowa, has agreed to help us raise funds for Save Undershaw – and create a new sales channel for us.

You may have heard of Groupon, Wowcher and Living Social – all offering ‘discount daily deals’ – these tend to be for restaurants, getaways and discount products. BuyaPowa is different in that it works with products that people really want – brings together lots of fans and drives the bulk price down. It uses social media (Facebook and Twitter) to spread the word.

We will be launching a series of co-buys that enable us to bundle books together. It’s a very powerful way for fans to buy books at prices below even the major bookstores can sell at. It has the following benefits:

– enables us to bundle by type of book

– sells a big volume of books in a short space of time

– enables fans to register for information on future deals

The first offer is live here, and it’s vital that we do well with it. So spread the word!

Cheers, Steve

Steve Emecz

Managing Director

MX Publishing


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