My Interests

Websites I like

Ross K. Foad’s “No Place Like Holmes”
Mystery Writers of America, New England Chapter

Hallie Ephron, mystery novelist
Sarah Smith, mystery novelist
Brendan DuBois, mystery and suspense novelist

MX Publishing

Melissa Sweet, illustrator

Things I enjoy

  • Animals—I love them, and I no longer eat meat from pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, or sheep. Also, I volunteer sometimes at Maple Farm Sanctuary.
  • Movies—I especially like old classics and new alternative-reality films. And Sherlock Holmes movies, of course! I am a fan of the current BBC “Sherlock” series.
  • Dancing and singing—I wish I had a better voice, but I have been in a few musicals, including Lucky Stiff with The Cannon Theater in my town of Littleton, MA.

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