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Discussion: Agents For Today’s Author

I just registered to attend a talk on Agents For Today’s Author on Tuesday night, March 13, in Cambridge, MA. The evening describes some questions I, myself, have had recently, especially because I’ve never had an agent: “Given the rapid changes taking place in publishing, writers now need to ask themselves a host of new questions: Do I even need an agent? If so, what should I be looking for in an agent today that might not have been necessary …

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The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate

Holmes aficionado Ross K. Foad interviews publisher Steve Emecz on the subject of the international Great Sherlock Holmes Debate–the upcoming one on March 18. Parts 1 and 2 of the interview have already appeared; part 3 to come, during which I’ve been told my novel, My Dear Watson, will be mentioned, presumably along with other MX Publishing Holmes books. If you haven’t yet seen Ross’s site, No Place Like Holmes, give it a try. He plays Holmes in some very …

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